Your last chance to get New York Comic Con tickets

2 AUGUST 2014

If you participated in the lightning-fast New York Comic Con ticket sale a few weeks back - one riddled with unhappy potential attendees - you might have flashed back to your last SDCC badge sale. It was that fast and frustrating. But NYCC is doing something I couldn't see SDCC doing in a million years: selling a limited number of tickets and Super Week cards through comic book stores. Well - some comic stores.

ReedPOP, the organizer of NYCC, has already differentiated itself by rolling out the Special Edition comic fest in June and then unleashing New York Super Week, a period of special events (galleries, concerts, readings, lectures) around the city. The latter requires a card, separate from the regular Con ticket.

If you missed out in the main sale, you now have a chance to try again on 7 August. Midtown Comics will sell both tickets for NYCC and New York Super Week; on 8 August, more tickets will be available at other stores in New York, New Jersey, Boston, Connecticut and Illinois. 4 per customer is the limit.

Please also note that though NYCC is currently being described as "sold out," Thursday badges are still available on site.



  1. Uggh, missed it again but it is worth noting that some of the NYC hotels, especially the ones around Comicon, are going to offer badges to their guests, just not for cheap. Maybe it is worth a try for die-hard fans.