Pre-registration will have a "validation period"

8 AUGUST 2014

If there's one thing Comic-Con registration needs, it's more complexity and another step, said no one ever. But that's exactly what we're all getting.

We knew that we needed our badge for Pre-registration. A glance at the badge led to a safe guess that it would involve the "Badge ID" printed at the bottom. But if you thought you would just have to input that during Pre-reg, you were wrong; instead there will be a separate step called "pre-registration validation" completely separate from the badge sale.

And it's going to happen soon. Over the next few weeks, you'll get an email telling you how to enter your Badge ID for this validation. It will be open for "only a short window of time."  Sometime after that, when you're safely validated, you can participate in Pre-reg. Which as I predicted before, sounds like it also will happen soon. I say this because CCI refers to this validation period as in "the weeks preceding preregistration."

Again - this only applies to those of you who wore an attendee badge around your neck two weeks ago. If you were there as an exhibitor, a volunteer, press, anything else, you can't partake in Pre-reg.

I'm going to be churlish here and say that if CCI put as much effort into improving things like lines and badge pick-up as they've directed toward this badge code stuff, there would be - well, I don't know exactly, but I'm positive things would be a lot better. Obviously this is engineered to make sure only eligible attendees get into the Pre-reg badge sale and I appreciate that. But it does seem weird that with all the top IT experts they supposedly procured these last 2 years, they can't design their system to segment badge recipients automatically.

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