What we learned about lines this weekend

26 JULY 2014

So we had some epic lines last night. And it turned out that the waiting was a waste of time for many people - either because they could have gotten in without waiting or because they wouldn't have gotten in no matter what.

Some people reported spending 20 hours in line (which I hope was an exaggeration) and some reported spending 30 minutes in line for the same Ballroom 20 panel. I don't know if that's true because I wasn't there. But even allowing for a slight stretching of the truth, it still points to the reality that these spine-breaking, overnight camping trips just aren't always necessary.

I know some of you will say "well, I got in the front row so it was necessary" - and good for you. But for those of you who just want a reasonably good seat and a good night's sleep, it looks like you could have had both, for Ballroom 20 at least. People are going to be able to see True Blood with only a few hours' wait. That is a huge improvement over previous years.

Hall H was a different story. I spoke to someone who slept outside, then baked in the sun part of the day before giving up. In general, people seem grumpier about this line than Ballroom 20, perhaps because the wristbands and guards made it a more regimented experience. So maybe the lesson here is, know when you've been beat.

Probably this isn't much help. No one can foresee how bad a line will be, so people play it safe and early, and then it evolves into this. But we have got to come up with something better.

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