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14 JULY 2014

The last day of the Con is up. No surprises here. Kids Day seems like Super Kids Day this year – there is so much to do for every child’s interest and participation level. Whether your youngster is shy or outgoing, interested in gaming, comics or movies, you’ll find something guaranteed to thrill them. For the rest of us, there’s plenty of options to choose from but it’s a lighter day on the whole than the preceding three.

I predict that Sunday is going to be the day people will swarm the outside events, both because they have fewer panels that appeal to them and because by then word of mouth will have trickled through the crowd. That happened last year, and lines for a few were considerably worse than Thursday and Friday. My advice is not to leave the ones you really want to hit up until the last minute.

Also, if you don’t see a lot of panels that appeal to you today, remember that many vendors in the Exhibit Hall mark down their stuff on Sunday. They’re more opening to bargaining too. I’ve always scored a few killer deals on Sunday, especially on big hardcover books.

Let’s jump in.
Hall H has Supernatural at 10, The Following at 11:15, Sons of Anarchy at 12:30 and The Strain at 1:45.
This might look lighter than previous years, but it's still going to pack them in. Doctor Who campers won't need to be reckoned with  but the Supernatural fanbase is nothing short of fanatical. And a lot of people are very interested in The Strain.
Kids Day

10:00 brings us “Comics for the Whole Family”  in 23ABC; IDW: Kids Comics!” in Room 4; Kids Draw: A Comics Live Drawing Panel" in 30CDE; "LEGO: Legends of CHIMA" in  25ABC and "Nickelodeon: New Animated Comedies-Bringing You Buds, Baps & Bad Seeds!" in 7AB.
Expect this to be super popular: "Sesame Street& Pop Culture: 45 Years of Spoofs on the 'Street'  -  special screening of the new Sesame Street spoofs "Numeric Con" and "Star S'mores" (parodies of Comic-Con and Star Wars), all moderated by Chris Hardwick.  10:15 in Room 6A.

"Batkid: The Film" isn’t about a new DC character borne of one unholy night between Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne; it’s a documentary on Miles Scott, a young cancer survivor whose Make-A-Wish-Foundation wish was to be Batman's sidekick.  10:30 in Room 8.

"Cartoon Design For Creative Kids" sounds fun.  11:00 in 30CDE.

"Middle Grade Extravaganza" is at 11:00 in 25ABC.

"Monsterpalooza with Oni Press and Friends!" has a timed drawing competition, based on kids’ suggestions.  11:00 in 32AB.
 "Panels & Pictures" will show you the "latest in great graphic novels for kids."  12:00 in 32AB.
"Secret Origin Kids Club - A beginner's introduction to comic book reading and the exciting choices available for kids!" Sounds like this will help you indoctrinate your kid into the wonderful world of comic book nerddom when you're only familiar with adult titles. 12:30pm in 23ABC. 
"Archie Action Hour: Sonic, the Hedgehog and Mega Man" will be at 1:00 in 32AB.

"LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham" is at 1:00 in 6BCF .
"Nickelodeon: Sanjay and Craig" is at 1:00 in 6A.

Comics, Games, Toys, Publishing

"The Emily the Strange Panel Experience" is at 10 in 32AB. I forgot they’re making a movie out of this but they are and you can find out more about it here.

"The Fifth Beatle: The Beatles, The Big Screen, and Beyond" details how the Brian Epstein Story is jumping from graphic novel to film.  10:00 in 24ABC.

"Robert Kirkman's Skybound Comics: is at 11 in 7AB.

"Marvel: Women of Marvel: is at 11:15 in 5AB.

"Dark Horse Builds Characters: Tomorrow's Comics Today" is at noon in 24ABC.

"Marvel: Next Big Thing" is at 12:30 in 6DE, followed by "Marvel Comics' 75th and Daredevil's 50th" at 1:45.

"What's Hot in Young Adult Fiction" is at 1:00 in 25ABC.
"Digital Comics: Going Beyond the Page" is at 1:30 in room 8.

 "Image Comics: I Is for...Innovation" is at 2:00pm - 3:00pm Room 7AB, followed by "Diamond Select Toys: The Best of All Worlds," a preview of upcoming items, at 3:00.

"DC Comics-My Secret Origin, or How I Broke into Comics" is 3:00 in 6DE.
"Fictionalized Nonfiction: The Art of Combining Fact and Fiction" will share experiences by
Gilbert Hernandez, Mimi Pond, David Lasky and others. 3:00 in 32AB.


Once again, room 2 has the magic. "Collaborative Sequential Storytelling" is at 10:00, followed by "Figure Sculpting" at 11:30, followed "Building Your Fandom Armada" at 12:30. Finally, "Drawing with Jim Lee" is in there at 3:00.

"Creating Comics the ComiXology Way" is at 11:00 in 24ABC.

"Cartoon Voices #2" is at 11:30 in 6A.

"Fund My Comic" is at 2:00 in 29A. This isn't an actual plea to bootstrap someone else's comic but an exploration of raising funding.

"Resin Casting and Silicone Moldmaking" is at 2:00 in 30CDE.

"Where Do Ideas Come From?" will go through "proven tips, tricks, and strategies for vanquishing those blocked brain cells and deadline demons." 3:00 in 28DE.

"Full-Time Creative Work on a Part Time Schedule" is giving away a one-year subscription to Adobe's Creative Cloud to everyone who attends. Yes, really. 4:00 in 24ABC.
"How to Create Your Own Novel: From First Idea to Publishing and What You Need to Sell your Work to TV and Film" will be at 4:00 in 7AB.

Alas, "The Secrets of Writing" will cruelly also be at 4:00 in 30CDE.

Hollywood, Culture

CCAS Sunday Devotional & Christian Comics Panel is in 28DE. 

"World Premiere of Scooby-Doo! Frankencreepy" is also at 10 in 6BCF.

"The Cross-Generational Appeal of Doctor Who" is at 11:00 in 29A.
"From Snidely Whiplash to Voldemort and Back: The Guys (and Gals?) We Love to Hate" has Matthew Holm, Talia Hurwich, Faith Erin Hicks, Ted Naifeh , Jonathan Hamel, and Royden Lepp at 11:30 in room 8.
"Teen Titans Go! Video Presentation and Q&A" will be at 11:45 at 6BCF in case you missed it Preview Night.
"Warner Archive Collection: A Batman for All Seasons" is at noon in 7AB.

"Nerdist News Live" is probably going to be a lot of attendees' last panel. 2:00 in 24ABC.
“Dynamite 10th Anniversary Panel Featuring Quentin Tarantino as He Comes to Dynamite! The Sequel to Django Unchained-Django Meets Zorro” The title says it all. 2:15 in 6BCF.

"End Bullying! Responding to Cruelty in Our Culture" will cover geek bullying, LGBT bullying, cyber-bullying, etc. There's a quote in here from CNN that suggests a therapeutic element to the panel: "From now on, Comic-Con convention-goers will come for cosplay, entertainment, freebies, autographs-and healing." And comic books, CNN. Let's not forget what started this whole juggernaut. 3:00 in 24ABC.

"Comic-Con Talk Back" is, in addition to being titled oddly, your chance to speak vividly and openly with John Rogers, president of the Comic-Con board of directors. He is very eager to hear all of your "concerns." Every year I'm highly sarcastic about this panel but now I'm going to be serious and say that CCI isn't known for taking feedback from we commoners - so this is probably an excellent opportunity to give attendees a voice. If you feel strongly about the attendee experience - online sales, harassment, Con policies, Travel Planners, whatever - go ahead and share your thoughts. It helps everyone. 3:30 in 23ABC.

 "Buffy the Musical: Once More with Feeling" is highly popular and a fun way to wind down your Con. 3:30pm in 6BCF.
"The Battle for Multicultural Heroes" sounds like a much-needed and valuable panel, and I wish it came earlier in the Con instead of being stuck at the end when a lot of people have already hit the road. "Diverse geek experts will discuss breaking ethnic stereotypes and what changes need to happen for us to boldly go into the future." 4:00 in 28DE.

And that wraps up the Con. I hope everyone is still excited about whatever kind of badge they have.  I'll share my observations on this year's programming later. 

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