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10 JULY 2014

We're just moments away from Thursday programming being announced. Are you excited?

Yesterday I mentioned the official outside events announced by CCI. However, there are other major attractions surrounding the area and I want to make sure everyone knows about them.

  • Walking Dead Escape: Just like before, you get to be a walker, survivor or spectator in an apocalypse race (Friday and Saturday nights in Petco Park).

  • Gotham Zip Line: You can zipline between the convention center and the Hilton Bayfront and get a digital photo of yourself doing it.

  • Gotham Police Cars: You can get free rides in official Fox "Gotham police cars" during the weekend - and while you're in the car, you can check out sneak peaks at Gotham footage on iPads.

  • Sleepy Hollow Virtual Reality Experience: You'll use an Oculus Rift headset to get chased by a headless horseman; cast and creative will intermittently appear at the experience (not in your headset.) 9 am - 6 pm daily in Petco Parking Lot.

  • Vikings: You can star in your own custom video by creating a character profile, choosing your weapon, meeting with hair and makeup artists, and then being placed into 3 scenes involving ships, battles, weapons, etc. 450 2nd Ave, Thursday-Saturday.

This isn't everything by a long shot. More and more activities will be announced over the coming 2 weeks, so stay tuned.

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