Law & Comics event

6 JULY 2014

As noted previously, San Diego Comic-Con offers a range of panels and content for aspiring creatives - everything from promotion to legal advice to inspiration. However, there's a valuable event that happens the day before the Con that's also worth attending.

That would be the San Diego Law Library's "Law & Comics" event. Understanding the business end of creative work is vital for everyone whose work leaves their laptop and goes out in the world, regardless of how much they're paid. Who can use your work and how much you'll be paid or credited for it, and what the law says about it, is a serious issue. Too many creatives think that only major league players need to worry about it - and they couldn't be more wrong. Superstars are usually well lawyered up. It's everyone else who tends to get gobsmacked by unpleasant surprises down the road.

The theme this year is “Creative Nightmare: Creator’s Rights, Licensing and Work for Hire.” This is a subject dear to the hearts of any writer or artist in the industry. What does it mean when you create a beloved character? Who should reap the financial benefits and who makes the creative decisions for that character's future? The answers can vary depending on whether you work for yourself, are on-staff talent or a freelancer, and they may not strike everyone as fair - which is why it's smart to understand the law up front.

Date: 22 July

Time: 12-1 pm

Location: 1105 Front Street, San Diego

Panelists: Alé Garza, an artist who has worked for DC Comics and Marvel; Greg Goldstein, president of IDW Publishing; Stu Rees, a local entertainment lawyer; and George Brewster, a chief deputy county counsel and comic strip creator.

Tickets are $10. Call 619.531.3900 or RSVP online.

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