Free beer at Comic-Con

16 JULY 2014

If ever I found a blog post title that was clickbait, it's this one. But it's no lie: a bunch of sponsors are throwing Beer Bust at Comic-Con and the first 400 beers are free.

Overall it sounds like a fun time. Here's who's sponsoring this shindig: Technicolor, Nickelodean, Starburns Industries, Summit Talent & Literary Agency and One Plus Hub.

What: 6th Annual Beer Bust @ Comic-Con

When: Thursday, 24 July - 6-9 pm

Where: The Yard House (the Keg Room) - 1023 4th Ave, San Diego

Cost: Free

RSVP: None

Purpose: Hang out and "enjoy the worldwide animation community that will come together for this fantastic event." And drink the free 400 beers, of course.

I like an event that is completely unpretentious. I'm picturing the ambience of a high school keg party, but without the Solo cups and with famous animators and literary agents playing Quarters. Okay, it'll probably be nothing like that, but it does sound like a fun and laidback way to wrap up your first day at the Con.

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