Comic-Con news so far

25 JULY 2014

It's half over. Are you dead yet?

My midpoint assessment overall is that swag is better (I have an entire couchful of books, shirts, CDs and some Tarot cards) and lines are more unpredictable. At this point I feel the Hall H line has evolved into a living Ouroboros, in which the legend of the lines creates the line itself, more than the actual panels. Cosplay has been about the same as other years. (I expect that'll change tomorrow for the Masquerade and Zombie Walk.) The Jesus/Repent Sinners/ You're Going to Hell people are up close to the convention center this year and very mouthy. Apparently this is their new destination after Gay Pride season ends.

As Comic-Con announcements go, this has been a fairly even-keeled Con. Let's review.

The Game of Thrones panel announced new cast members, including some Sand Snakes.

Sam Raimi is turning Evil Dead into a TV series with Bruce Campbell. Well, he intends to.

Archie released a new Android Archie Comics app - and you get 100 books by downloading it.

Interstellar, Nolan's new space film, looks intriguing and visually stunning, but he may have overstepped a bit when he said he intends it to be equal to 2001: A Space Odyssey. Let's be reasonable now, Christopher.

Agents of SHIELDS will have new characters, including Lucy Lawless as a new agent.

Walking Dead revealed - SPOILER - that Beth is alive and the gang is headed to various cities and towns more in keeping with the comic book plot lines.

If you love Firefly, you'll be happy to see the whole cast back in action for Firefly Online.

We saw Smash Bros and Halo: Nightfall and both had many admirers.

On Penny Dreadful, we'll see Dorian's portrait eventually and get more into Dracula's story.

Star Wars Rebels will take a different view of the Empire and the Jedis - this isn't the same ideology in play.

No Clarice Starling for Hannibal.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is not a remake. It is an organic story.

Big Hero 6 looks both very cute and very sophisticated. People who predicted this couldn't meet the hype will probably feel silly.

Joaquin Phoenix might play Dr. Strange. 

iZombie pulled its pilot due to cast changes (hopefully not any of the leads we saw today) and is promised by creator Rob Thomas to be "more Buffy than Veronica Mars."

Teenage Boy story Maze Runner is trying to bust through the female-dominated YA market.

Scorpion will deal with the realities of being a genius - the difficulties and burden of having a high IQ. I'm curious if they pull it off.

The Tiger Beat love triangle that dominated the first season of Reign is done. Instead we'll have a new bad guy, "sexual intrigue" and other anachronistic silliness.

If you know something else, share it. I'm off to the Crave party and the Nerd-a-Thon and sleeping in tomorrow. Hopefully you're doing something similar.

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