The parking sale is semi-live again

20 MAY 2014

Tonight, that is, though it's not supposed to be working until tomorrow.

Ace's earlier message: "The site should be up by 8am tomorrow. The site may open briefly at times this evening. Please bear with us."

One - I doubt tomorrow will bring us a smooth and efficient parking sale. They should reschedule for Saturday, or a week out.

Two - If there's one way you don't want to torment Comic-Con attendees, it is with ambiguity. We're insane enough; defined windows of availability are the only way to sell us anything. "May open briefly at times" just means everyone will burn out their eyeballs and minds tonight clicking that stupid link. Because maybe, just maybe, some IT person at AWS will figure out the magic algorithm at 2:04 am and the sale will go up again and we'll be there at the perfect moment to beat out everyone else. That's how our crazed minds think.

What a year it's been. Smooth pre-reg, smooth open reg, mostly smooth Hotel Day, then parking and the hotel reservations reopening are mayhem.

ETA: It's 9:00pm  PST and I just got in. Ace says while they've identified the problem, the site won't be back up until tomorrow. But some people are successfully buying parking spots. Some can't get the page to load at all, and others get partially through their purchase before getting an error message. (If that's you, don't assume the sale didn't complete - log back in and check your reservations.) Others are saying their credit cards have been charged multiple times.

Which means that frustrating as the sporadic access is - it's still better to keep trying than wait for tomorrow. Get in tonight if you can.

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