There will be no badge resale this year

8 MAY 2014

Well, this is historic. CCI has announced there will be no badge resale. Their message in its entirety:

In past years, Comic-Con International has been able to hold a sale of returned and unallocated badges in June. Unfortunately, due to an extremely low rate of refunds and cancellations this year, we are not able to hold a resale of Comic-Con 2014 badges. Thank you for your support and understanding.

I don't know what to say. I know the badge resale was the last hope for many of you. I'm going to reiterate what I always say; please don't let this drive you to gamble hundreds of dollars on Craigslist badges. But I know you probably won't listen.

If you're still unbadged, winning contests and persuading retailers and pros to give/sell you their spare badges are your only hope right now. If you're local you can mill around the convention center and try to buy a badge off someone who's sick of the Con (your best bet is Sunday) but there's no guarantee it'll be a real badge.

It's interesting that the badge refund date is 23 May; we're still two and a half weeks from then, but apparently they're basing their calculation on how many refund requests have been made so far. (Or they're planning a private sale like they did last year for a specific category of open registration victims, and they need the teeny amount of turned-in badges for that. Don't quote me, that's wild conjecture. Then again, they have to do something with the refunded badges.)

I'm so sorry for those of you pinning your hopes on the resale. The convention center expansion just can't come soon enough.

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