Parking sale might rise again this afternoon

20 MAY 2014

So another stressful sale has come and crashed. AWS didn't help; some people got parking; mostly everyone else got shut out. According to Ace CIO Jon Gjerset, he "expects to have the system up this afternoon."

I know this is a colossal pain in the ass for those of you who have jobs and demands on your time. These sales are stressful enough when they occur as scheduled. All I can say is keep monitoring the situation.

While I don't have a dog (car) in this fight, I do wish the sale wasn't open to the public. I realize these are public lots, but given the amount of revenue the Con pours into the city, it would be great if only badge-holders could participate in the sale. Instead attendees and exhibitors have to compete with all the people arriving to participate in all of the outer Con activities - and those people are legion. Normally I don't begrudge all of the outsiders pouring into the area, but when it comes to hotels and parking, I think actual badge-holders should get first dibs.

ETA:  We don't have a specific time yet for the sale - if it does launch again today, it'll be PST afternoon, not EST. However, I think everyone is hoping it's rescheduled for another day. Stay tuned.

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