Today is Hotel Day

8 APRIL 2014

12:05 pm

I'm seeing people get anxious because other people are already getting their confirmation emails. Here's a tip - CCI emails are always staggered. And their arrival has no significance in terms of where you placed in the lottery, so just have faith that yours will come eventually.

9:14 am

At this point, the Hotel Sale is over. I know there's no hard-stop "sold out" announcement that gets made like with badge sales, but if you call the hotline at this point, you'll probably be told you'll be put on a waiting list.

Now all that's left is to wait for your confirmation email, then your assignment email. Good luck, everyone. And I have to give credit to CCI - the system didn't crash and this all went quite smoothly. No doubt there will be grumblings over hotel assignments, but this was an improvement (in terms of stress) over former years.

9:06 am

Looks like everyone got in ok. I'm a little annoyed because the system wouldn't let me submit until both of my email addresses started with capital letters. That probably cost me a downtown hotel.

Anyone have problems?

8:55 am

Reminder - you won't be asked to pay your deposit today. That comes only after you get your actual assignment days from now. Put your credit cards away.

8:47 am

Final, and probably redundant, advice: Make sure you know where on the list your hotels are so you don't waste time searching for them.

8:41 am

Twitter is oddly quiet. Here's what I want that to mean: that so many people have already reserved their own rooms outside the system, that competition won't be as fierce and everyone is less afraid.

But I'm probably wrong.

8:27 am

The hotel sale goes live in half an hour. Just in case you can't find your email...

This is the list of hotels:

This is the link to get in:  

This is the number to call:
1-877-552-6642 or 212-532-1660

You must have a Member ID to proceed through the sale - so if you're some yokel who thinks they can score a discounted hotel room today to participate in the "outside Con," you can't.



  1. i think i took 50 seconds to submit my request, i had no problem entering my email though, even without a capital

    1. My first email address started with a capital, the second didn't. That was a problem for the system.

      I think that we're all so fast at entering our info at this point that it's more of a lottery than ever. Almost everyone is saying they submitted in under 2 minutes. 50 seconds is pretty impressive, though.

    2. i just visited the site again and it says the downtown hotels are sold out already...i sped up my process by copying and pasting my address haha, that saved a few keystrokes