Parking goes on sale 20 May

28 APRIL 2014

If you've been anxiously waiting for Comic-Con parking permits to go on sale, circle this date on your calendar: 20 May. We don't have locations and rates yet, but we do know (courtesy of Ace Parking CIO Jon Gjerset) that permits will go on sale that day at 9 am PST.

We also know that Ace is using cloud provider Amazon Web Services to handle the avalanche of attendees trying to nab a spot. A lesson in outsourcing for CCI? As a general idea, yes. (AWS in particular, maybe not so much as they're a leader in malware. But don't worry, they're probably still more secure than some of the other Con systems you've put your card data into.) It's inspiring to see a company trying to rectify old technical difficulties by enlisting the right support. Hopefully all of you will experience a smoother sale on 20 May.

Stay tuned for more parking news. For now, check out this helpful FAQ.

ETA: Sorry, I forgot you first-timers. This sale is run by Ace Parking, and concerns individual parking spots in lots around the city. If you're planning on driving into San Diego and parking in some random space, that won't work out so well for you - not for all-day parking at least. You'll want to try to reserve a spot through this sale.

If like me, you're driving to San Diego and parking at your hotel, you don't need to participate in this sale - most downtown hotels have underground capacity for guest vehicles. Check your reservation details to confirm this and see what the daily rate is. Some have valet and self-parking.

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