Apply for your press pass until 13 December

21 OCTOBER 2013

Press badge applications are officially open. 

As you might imagine, as the competition for badges gets tighter, people have concocted increasingly desperate schemes to get a press pass. And once upon a time, it wasn't all that hard to get one - but CCI has not surprisingly become more stringent about who qualifies. Below are the basic facts.

  • Press includes broadcast, print, bloggers, journalists and production companies. 
  • A press pass gets you into all events, but it does not get you to the head of the line. It does not get you any special privileges or celebrity access.
  • While you'll hear advice about setting up fake blogs and such to qualify for a press pass, CCI actually does evaluate the caliber of your press credentials.
  • Change from last year: documentary crews no longer get free press badges. BUT they can apply and be offered the option to purchase them.

You can apply now through 13 December here.

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