Act now to volunteer for 2014

7 AUGUST 2013

Continuing their recent unpredictable streak, CCI has tweaked the volunteering process. If you're interested in volunteering next summer - and I know that's a lot of you, based on the emails I get - here's what you need to do.

If you volunteered this summer: you're included in the "priority pool" for online volunteer registration. You'll get a special email telling you when returning volunteer registration opens.You can relax until then.

If you didn't volunteer this summer: you'll have to wait for open online volunteer registration in early 2014. But you should do something right now: log into your Member ID account and click on "Click here to sign up for the Comic-Con Volunteer Interest List." This is new and mandatory; only people who complete this step will get the email telling them about open volunteer registration. That information won't be made public. But do bear in mind that you aren't guaranteed a volunteer spot, because competition for this (as with anything else at the Con) is fierce. 

Who can volunteer: anyone with a Member ID who's 16 or older by 30 June 2014. You don't need any kind of training or know-how to volunteer. Besides getting into the Con for free the day of your assignment(s), you'll also meet a lot of people and possibly see something interesting things. Ask previous volunteers and you'll hear the stories.

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