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18 JULY 2013

And we're off to the races. Well, the rest of you are. I'm still recovering from my extended Ballroom 20 experience. 

This was the first day of any Con ever that I did not set foot into the Exhibit Hall so I shall rely on you to tell me how it was. What I did see: Intelligence's pilot was quite predictable but enjoyable. They called it "cyber-Sawyer" but Josh Holloway's character is actually nothing like his Lost character. Starcrossed was hilariously bad (to be fair, the people around me were not its intended audience, hence our endless snickering) and Psych was probably the most energetic, successful panel I saw. The X-Files Anniversary panel was a bit of a letdown - I expected some kind of reel or montage but it was just talking and fairly low-key at that. They wouldn't confirm a third X Files movie. If you missed this, and you would like to see Chris Carter and Gillian Anderson, they'll both be at the X Files comic book panel tomorrow.

A note on lines, since I was one of the people lining up at 4:30 a.m. One, Twilight's departure has restored some sanity to the whole process. Hardly anyone was in the Hall H overnight, and most people began to arrive at dawn. My line was much longer, but included Ballroom 20, pre-sales, the Exhibit Hall, etc, until they split us up.  I ended up sitting next to a girl who got in line at 9:30 am, made it into the back of Ballroom 20 around 11:15 and worked her way up front for the 3:30 X Files Panel. Basically we got the same seats and she shaved 5 hours off her waiting time.

Let's hope this means people are getting sick of the overnight lines and showing some restraint. But I'll believe it when I see how early people line up for Hall H tomorrow.

Also - just as they made (some) Preview Night attendees march around in a parade before entering the Exhibit Hall, they did the same thing with general attendees today. Apparently this is a thing now. If you don't feel the burning need to enter the Exhibit Hall right when it opens, you might want to wait a bit and skip this step. I'm going to.

What's going on tonight:

Spike and Mike's Festival of Animation is at 7:15 in 6BCF. 
Hall H and Ballroom 20 panels will be played back in 25ABC from 8:00 - 11:00 pm., as they will be every night. Please remember that you won't see any trailers or other footage.

Dead Central Ghost Tours invites you to experience a real haunted house - that being the William Heath Davis House. $60 a head.

The Walking Dead Fan Meet-Up & Party – 5:00-7:30pm at The Corner at 369 10th Ave. $45+

SherlockeDCC – 6:00 pm at Brick + Mortar at 820 5th Ave.  $15-$30

W00tstock 5.0 - 7:00 pm at Balboa Theatre at 868 4th Ave. Featuring Paul and Storm, Wil Wheaton, Adam Savage, and guests. $37.50

Concert: Distant Worlds, Music From Final Fantasy with San Diego Symphony Summer Pops is at 8:00 pm at Embarcadero Marina Park, behind the convention center. Tickets are $25-$89.

Lady Geeks’ Thursday Night Mixer is at 8:00 pm at Hyatt Grand Lobby Bar.

Munky King Party is at 8:30pm at Basic Bar & Pizza at 410 10th Ave. Free.

The Dark Side goes from 9 pm – 2 am at El Dorado, 1030 Broadway. The Howls, Black Lodge, Neighbors to the North, Flaggs and Night Ritual. 

Insidious 2 Haunted Loft Event is tonight. You were supposed to get tix on their Facebook page

The Black Sails Screening is at 8:30 pm at Reading Cinemas at 701 5th Ave.

Mad Cats Unveiled - 8:00 at Reuben H. Fleet Science Center at 1875 El Prado. $50

30 Minute Musicals: Jurassic Park is at 6:00 pm at Horton Grand Theatre at 444 4th Ave. $25

Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is holding a Comic-Con Welcome Party - 8:00 pm at Westgate Hotel at 1055 Second Avenue. Free for members, suggested donation of $10-20 for non-members.

There's a Samsung party as well, and while it's not exactly invite-only, I think you have to be a techno-geek to go. That describes everyone I know who is going, at least.

MTV2's Party in the Park is in Petco Park at 7:00 pm - free food, drinks, music. Open to all badge holders.

And if you're too tired for any of that, order room service and watch Sharknado. Syfy is airing it again tonight.

See also this interesting graphic on Comic Con growth.

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