The buzziest Comic-Con panels so far

14 JULY 2013

We already know there are Godzilla clawmarks on Gaslamp buildings and banners for Thor and Captain America and posters for Ender's Game. Fair enough. But all of that is coming from studios. What panels are stirring up the most talk from attendees?

Neil Gaiman is attracting everyone in a 5 mile radius, of course, both with his Sunday spotlight panel and his Saturday 3:15 panel on Sandman in 6DE. If they make an American Gods announcement, I'm guessing it'll come at his spotlight panel.

Superman's 75th Anniversary panel on Saturday at 4:15 in 6A is also getting a lot of talk.

People skipping Hall H on Sunday seem headed toward George R.R. Martin and his Skintrade panel from 12-1 in 25ABC. This is going to be a big one.

If Image is the new Vertigo, and Saga is the new Sandman, that explains why so much comic book talk is centering around toward Image's "What's Next" panel on Saturday at 4:30 in 6DE. 

Jack Black is a Con favorite, so it's not surprising that he and his Ghost Ghirls are on everyone's list. Thursday in the Indigo Ballroom from 1-2.

John Barrowman is causing a flurry of attention too. He's also in the Indigo on Thursday from 5-6, and it's hard to predict how many people will leave after the preceding panels or stay for him.

Everyone I know is excited for the 35th Anniversary Battlestar Galactica panel on Thursday at 10:30 in 6BCF - this is almost as anticipated as the X-Files 20th Anniversary panel, and seems to be drawing off a bit of the traffic from Ballroom 20.

Sony's look at RoboCop and Spider-Man 2 on Friday in Hall H at 4:05 is getting a lot of talk. Obviously people are excited for GOT and Walking Dead too, and Metallica, but there's a greater sense of mystery around Robocop and Spider-Man 2. 

Which is probably the same factor driving interest around The Zero Theorem in Hall H Thursday at 5:10. 

I don't know how much time Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is going to get at Saturday's 20th Century Fox panel in Hall H at 4:15, but people seem very excited about it.

The new shows that people seem to keep discussing:

The Blacklist with James Spader - Thursday from 3-4 in 6A
The Originals - no surprises there - Saturday from 1-2 in Indigo Ballroom (and also airing Preview Night)
Orphan Black on Friday from 7-8 in 7AB

I haven't heard many people mention the shows I'm mildly curious about: Helix (the moon colony show) and Intelligence, where Josh Holloway has a chip in his brain that can access computers. I also haven't heard a lot of talk about Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., though I'm sure it'll be a popular panel.

What are you hearing about?

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