Save a life at Comic-Con

2 JULY 2013

If while you're at Comic-Con, you tire of your celebrity-chasing and feverish consumerism, you can do something heroic instead and wander over to the Omni to give some blood. The Robert A. Heinlein Blood Drive is San Diego Blood Bank's longest running event - this will be its 37th year - and our donations last summer saved over 2800 lives.

It's very easy to participate; the Blood Drive is open from 9:00 - 6:00 Thursday-Saturday and 10:00 - 3:30 on Sunday. It's in the Omni Hotel in the fourth floor ballroom right across the street from the convention center. And for your generous donation, you get a goodie bag, True Blood t-shirts from HBO, rubber bracelets and more; you're also entered into daily drawings for prizes from Comic-Con exhibitors.

There are two ways to register. You can register right now through CCI and pick your appointment time. (If you want to wait until you have a better idea of the programming, it should be published later this week.)

You can also register onsite. You don't do that at the Omni; rather you need to go to the Blood Drive booth near the Freebie Table in the Sails Pavilion. For those of you who are new, this is right there after you pick up your badge, so it's convenient to register then.

The whole experience takes about 45 minutes - not a huge chunk of your day, and you can work it into your lunch run to the Gaslamp. 

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