Saturday programming is up

6 JULY 2013

Saturday programming has been published.

Hall H kicks off with Warner Brothers (Godzilla, Rise of an Empire, 7th Son, Gravity, LEGO Movie) at 10:45, Lionsgate (I, Frankenstein, Hunger games) at 1:35, EW's Women Who Kick Ass* at 2:55, 20th Century Fox at 4:15, Thor/Captain America at 6, and Kevin Smith at 7:15.

Ballroom 20 has just as heavy a lineup. Once Upon A Time in Wonderland at 10:15; Once Upon a Time Neverland at 11; Futurama at 12, The Simpsons at 12:45, Family Guy at 1:45, American Dad at 2:30 and then an abrupt shift to True Blood at 3:30, Vampire Diaries at 4:30, Arrrow at 5:15 and of course the Masquerade at 8:30.

And in the Indigo Ballroom, we have Machinima at 10, Geek and Sundry at 11, How I Met Your Mother at 12, The Originals at 1, The Awesomes at 2, Nerdist Industries at 3, Being Human at 4:00, followed by Warehouse 13 at. 5:00 and Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey at 6.

Spotlight panels are on: George Perez, Jim Lee, Russ Heath, Leonard Maltin, J. Michael Staczynski, Gerry Conway, Paul Dini, Roy Thomas, Sam Keith, Jon Bogdanove, Frank Brunner, John Romita Jr, Richard Kadrey.

A tribute panel for Joe Kubert is in room 4 at 10.

Jeph Loeb talks Marvel TV at 10:30 in 6BCF.
Celebrate 21 years of Top Cow comics in room 9 at 11.

For YA Fans: When Grrls Fall in Love. Romance in the lives of YA heroines. 23ABC at 11.

DC rolls out some of its top panels today. Batman: Zero Year! is at 11:15, Green Lantern at 12:45 in 6DE; Neil Gaiman discusses the revived Sandman with  Dave McKean, Sam Kieth, Todd Klein, and J. H. Williams III. at 3:15.

Learn the Future of X-Box Gaming in 6A in 11:15 and get a look at Marvel Video Games at noon in the same room.

CBLDF is Defending Manga in 30CDE at noon and then hosting Part III of Comics on Trial at 1.

Did you think Twilight went away? It's still with us at Twilight Fan Fiction in 29A at noon.

The stars of Prism are celebrating its 10 anniversary in 28DE at 1.

Ray Bradbury may have left our dimension but he is coming to the big screen. Hear about Live Forever: The Ray Bradbury Odyssey in 25ABC at 1.

Discuss post-theory this and that at Comic Arts Conference 11: The Poster Session with a tribe of academics. 1:30 in 26 AB.
Star Wars Vs. Serenity is in 24ABC at 1:30. Although to my mind, it's not really a "versus" so much as an "and."
More zombie panels: zombie fiction at noon in 23 ABC and zombie video games at 1:30 in 5AB.
Apparently Lost will never fully leave the Con: the co-hosts of the Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack discuss Lost and other TV shows like Once Upon a Time, Person of Interest, Game of Thrones and Justified. 2:00 in 29A.
MAD is in room 9 at 2. 
Bask in the presence of Neil Gaiman, Scott McCloud, Jeff Smith, Denis Kitchen and Paul Levitz as they discuss Will Eisner and the Graphic Novel2:00pm in Room 23ABC
I thought Dracula was getting its own panel, but it might just be a trailer tacked onto the Grimm panel at 2:40 in 6BCF.
*EW's Women Who Kick Ass are Michelle Rodriguez, Tatiana Maslany, and Danai Gurira. No Aisha Tyler from Archer or the little girl who plays Arya on GOT? 2:55pm  in Ballroom 20.
Rod Roddenberry fans should report to 25ABC at 3 for "some incredible Roddenberry news and a sneak peek at some of the new and exciting things."
Fantagraphics and Drawn and Quarterly roll out their fall and winter preview at 3:30 in 26AB. This should be a good consolation prize for people who can't get into the Sandman panel.
If you attended Cosplay 101 yesterday, today you can graduate to Cosplay 102 in 29A at 4.
Person in Interest is in 6BCF at 4, followed by Revolution at 4:50.
This could be interesting or nauseating: The Power of the Geek: Superfandom and why Brands, Media and the World at Large Want In. Presented by Bonfire Agency, "the first marketing firm created to help brands establish and deepen connections with the superfan community in relevant, meaningful ways." The copywriter in me just died a little. Oh, and they're donating to the Hero Initiative "for every conventioneer who attends and stays for the duration of the panel." Conventioneers, they said. 4:00 in 28DE.
Honor Superman and his 75 year reign in room 6A at 4:15.

Gays and Comics and the ensuing Gay Comics Fan Mixer are in 6A at 5:30 and 7.

Jeff Smith and Terry Moore team up in 24ABC at 5:30.

Learn about the Star Trek Enterprise Bride Restoration and Museum in 26AB at 5:30. 

The Tomorrow People pilot gets shown again in 6BCF at 5:55.
See extended clips of Stripped: the Comics Documentary in 28DE at 7:00.
Lost Girl is at 7:15 in 6BCF.
The CBLDF Live Art Auction is in the Sapphire Ballroom at the Hilton at 7:30.
The Star Wars Trivia Game show is at 8:00 in 23ABC.
Spend your Saturday night with HP Lovecraft and the Necronomicon in Room 8 at 8:30.

 Is today the best day of the Con? I'm going to say that this year there isn't one. 

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