Outlook for Sunday

20 JULY 2013

So ready to go home tomorrow.

We know what's the top attraction on Sunday; that would be Hall H, with Supernatural at 10, followed by Breaking Bad at 11:15, Doctor Who 50th Anniversary at 12:30, Community at 1:50, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia at 3 and finally Sons of Anarchy at 3:50.

If you're a parent who brought your kids to the Con, you probably already know that it's Kids' Day, and there is a ton of panels and movies and workshops for them.

Neil Gaiman's spotlight panel is today. Actually, I'm going to list all of them: Adam Hughes, Jerry Ordway, Charlotte Fullerton, Dan Jurgens, Ted Naifeh. The line for the Sandman panel today was massive, so line up early for Neil if you can't go home without seeing him.

George R. R. Martin discusses his new Skin Trade comic book series at noon in 25ABC. I've heard 5 strangers mention this so far.

If you didn't get enough of Jim Lee's panel yesterday or the 75th anniversary Superman panel, you can drink your fill of both at Superman at 10:00 in 6DE.

Did you go to a live art show this weekend? I feel like these used to be more of a thing. In any case, you can watch live art being made and bid on the pieces at the CBLDF's "Banned Comics Jam" with Jeffrey Brown, Chris Burnham, Terry Moore, Tim Seeley and others at 12:15 in 5AB.
More Jim Lee at 3:00 in room 2. This time he'll impart his drawing genius to you.
A reprise of  the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical episode Once More with Feeling closes out Comic-Con again at 3:30 in 6BCF.
And finally: now that you've experienced Comic-Con in all its frustrating, illogical, maddening reality, you can share your thoughts with president John Rogers at 3:30 in 23ABC. He wants to hear them; he wants you to be as candid and raw and direct as possible; he wants you to pour your heart out as you expound on your experience with Registration Day, Hotel Day, picking up your badge, all of it. He is waiting and ready to dialogue with you on a very honest and primal level.
And if none of that sounds good, prowl through the Exhibit Hall one final time to get all the good markdowns, then go do the attractions around town or hit the beach. That last can go far to soothe the Con-ravaged soul.

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