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16 JULY 2013

While I'm in San Diego, I'll be providing daily summaries and any news updates I hear that seem relevant. I'll also be a lot more active on Twitter than I normally am. I'm going to be in the Ballroom 20 line Wednesday night, so I may go dark for some time as my devices tend to fail within the convention center. But I will be answering emails so go ahead and ping me with any questions.

As far as good Comic Con coverage - below are a few sources. It's not just for people at home; attendees can benefit by reading some sites to find out what's sold out, what's available, special appearances and surprise guests, sudden parties, and so on. Comic-Con is so intensively immersive that it's almost impossible to get an overview once you plunge in. Catching up on some online coverage can help you discover things you would have otherwise missed.

DC & Vertigo news, photos, video, updates
Bleeding Cool 


Comic Book Resources
Screen Rant

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