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20 JULY 2013

And the Eisner winners include: Saga, Darth Vader and Son, Dark Horse Presents, Building Stories, and King City.

A rumor is going around that Sandman will be made into a movie. Nothing like that has been said; the head of DC said it would be at the top of her list for comic books to make into movies. Quite a different story from Hollywood actually biting into the apple. But I'm sure this will get asked during today's Sandman panel.

Everyone apparently loved the Spider-Man panel. Andrew Garfield made another clever entrance, in the tradition of last year, and was adorably humble, as he tends to be, while Electro got the audience's stamp of approval.

For your viewing pleasure, the Walking Dead Season 4 trailer:

Max Brooks says he didn't hate the World War Z movie. Although I guess he has to say that.

The Helix panel apparently went well, although I can't find an actual attendee to get a non-media reaction. Everything I hear about it - outbreak at a remote Arctic station, black goo - reminds me of an X-Files hodgepodge but I'm willing to give it a shot. So far it doesn't seem like any one new show is whipping anyone into a frenzy of anticipation this Con.

Game of Thrones panel was apparently magnificent and offered a tribute to those who died on your television screens these last few years:

Oh, and something for the people at home who haven't been here in a few years. Comic-Con is apparently such a bastion of nerd decadence and wanton displays of flesh that it's earned these everywhere you look:

I think these people are just pissed because they couldn't get badges.

On the whole, there hasn't been a lot of hot gossip and news this year. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves, but there's no palpable surge in one specific movie/show/book direction.

Yet, that is. It's only Saturday morning.

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