Do you want to be discovered at Comic-Con?

10 JULY 2013

Alternate title: The Portfolio Review schedule is posted. And you can see it here.

Let's talk about what you might not know about Portfolio Review. On a basic level, it's an opportunity for aspiring creatives to have their work professionally appraised. You show off your best pieces, an Important Industry Professional tells you their thoughts, and you hopefully learn from the experience.

But here's what's important: it's not just for aspiring comic book artists, which seems to be the general perception. Next week companies like Disney, LEGO, Nickelodean, Cartoon Networks and Lucasfilms will be looking for people in a range of fields which include: animators, copywriters, comic book writers, inkers, colorists, letterers, storyboard artists, background designers, monster designers, concept designers, illustrators and TV writers. So if you're a creative who thinks that Portfolio Review is only for people who can draw, look again. You might see a company looking for someone like you.

Because this is Comic-Con and you're competing with god knows how many people, it's not as easy as just showing up. You have to complete a Sign-up Ticket for each specific company and then wait to see if your name gets randomly selected for them. You should also be specifically prepared for each company, as they can have precise goals and disqualifications. Consider for instance the withering advice of Space Goat Productions: "We are not interested in a portfolio full of pin-up art."

You can read about the entire process, and review the schedule, here.

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