David Duchovny will be at the X-Files panel too

4 JULY 2013

3:30 pm on Thursday in Ballroom 20: that's the time and place of one of the most buzzed-about panels this summer. (I know the media wants us to care about Ender's Game and I'm sure some people do, but I haven't heard many people actually talking about it.) 

Now we know that David Duchovny will join Gillian Anderson and Chris Carter for the 20th Anniversary X-Files panel, which probably increases the line factor by... I have no idea. Get in line Wednesday night and camp all day in Ballroom 20? That sounds about right. 

Dexter, Divergent and Ender's Game will pull a lot of people to Hall H, but right now Thursday is feeling like it's all about Ballroom 20. We'll know more tomorrow when CCI will (probably) publish the programming - but this is clearly going to be an insanely popular panel. They had better bring out Flukeman, the fiji mermaid-twin, Eugene Tooms and at least two aliens to satisfy the conspiracy-hungry masses.

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