Was there a secret badge resale this week?

1 JUNE 2013

Far be it from me to feed the Comic Con rumor mill, but I'm hearing there was a secret - well, let's call it "unpublicized" - badge resale this week. It was open to those unlucky people who made it into the waiting room on Registration Day, but froze and were trapped eternally at #14372 while everyone else proceeded down the chain and bought a badge. Supposedly they were guaranteed 4-day/any single day badges, and were allowed to purchase 2 badges.

Is this true? I don't have a problem with it - those people deserved a second chance - but I am surprised I haven't heard more about it. Apparently I really need to spend more time on Twitter.

In any case, we can expect an official badge resale announcement any day now.

Update: yes, there was. 


  1. Yes it's true. Not many people were talking about it on twitter. I saw a bit of talking about it on various message boards though.

  2. Thanks. I don't know if I'm more surprised by the lack of fanfare or the fact that CCI made an effort toward recompense. It's good that those people got badges, though.

  3. Before the general sale, CCI posted an instructional video. In that video, it said that if you froze in the waiting room, to take a screenshot of your place in line and send it to CCI. The people who did so were obviously not able to purchase badges in the general sale, but were legitimately in the waiting room and had proof AND they followed CCI's instructions and sent in the screenshot of their waiting room position.

    Those people were informed months ago that while CCI could not give them badges due to the mishap, they would have 'priority' when there was a badge resale. So yes, on Thursday and Friday, CCI sent out a special link to these people to purchase a badge from the resale inventory. The link was specifically tied to the member IDs of the people who submitted screenshots, which is why it was not open to the general public. This is probably why people didn't post about it.

  4. Wow, wish I had gotten into the waiting room

  5. It's all true. Myself and two friends all had 4 computers and 2 phones time out in the waiting room. I took screen shots of how ridiculous it was that the place in line never changed.

    I actually never saw the video but I sent them an email complaining about it with my screenshot thinking nothing really would happen. I told my buddy to do the same but he thought it was a waist of time.

    Low and behold I did get an email and I was able to purchase 2 4-day passes for the con a month ago or so. Sadly my buddy was not able to since he didn't get the same email nor did he get in on the resale.

    1. Congratulations on your badges. Apparently you are a case study in making your complaints heard.

      Too bad about your friend, though.