The badge resale drawing is happening now

10 JUNE 2013

Today CCI announced the badge resale - which is going to be a drawing. Below are the facts.

  • "Several thousand" single day badges are available
  • 3100 of these are Saturday badges - which begs the question of how many the above "several thousand" refers to
  • They will be offered via a random drawing 
  • You can enter this drawing now by logging into your Member ID account and clicking the blue sign
  • The drawing closes 12 June at 10:59 pm PST
  • Winners will be notified by email on or before 17 June

You must already have a Member ID, and you can't already possess a 4 day badge.You can get badges for yourself and one friend, who must also have a Member ID.

Does this drawing hint at future registrations that are a full-on lottery? Will we see the complete abolition of the annual technology fail that is Registration Day? CCI said that EPIC was too busy to offer their usual services because they were  "focused on coordinating onsite registration." (I at first took this literally to mean that some type of pre-registration would be happening onsite again this summer. Then I realized they probably were referring to badge processing.)

So there you have it. The odds aren't great for you if you're one of a bajillion people logging into their Member ID accounts at this very moment, but at least you won't suffer a stroke trying to get into EPIC's waiting room.


  1. Well at least there a slight chance of getting a badge instead of no chance. Would rather get in legit then having to have a Pro get me in.

    1. Having the Pro option is still nice, though.

  2. I don't think that this is the model for future badge sales, because the nature of lottery laws precludes international attendees. Only US and Canadian residents can take part in this lottery, and a lot of international people are fuming about this (check out CCI's FB page to see what I mean). So while this works for the resale, I can't see it being applied to the general badge sale, thereby effectively shutting out almost all international attendees.