Another contest, this one involving a boat

2 JUNE 2013

Here are two names you don't hear together every day: Spike TV and Bass Pro Shops. They've teamed up to bring you a hybrid Comic-Con/fishing trip. 
This is a much simpler contest than the Big Bang t-shirt one below. All you do is visit and complete the entry form by 14 June at 11:59 p.m. A random drawing selects the winner, who gets...
  • A trip to San Diego from July 16-22
  • Round trip air fare and a hotel room for those 6 nights
  • a July 17 fishing excursion on the Malihini boat
  • two passes to Comic-Con 
  • a $500 American Express or Visa gift card 

They'll also pay for any fishing licenses or permits you need. This contest is the most valuable of them all, with a net worth of $4,900. And it looks like the fishing aspect is minimal; basically you get a day before and after the Con to relax and hit the beach. Even better, you can spend the gift card anywhere you want instead of being forced to spend it on the sponsor.

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