Updated: first Comic-Con collectibles

1 MAY 2013

Happy May Day. 'Tis the season for vendors to start unveiling their Comic-Con collectibles, such as...

The Albino Predator

The non-photographed but still obviously cool Powers collectibles

An entire line-up of Mattel exclusives including BSG Vipers and Raiders and a Batman Classic with sound chip and television box

A Game of Thrones Shield Pillow (not only will this sell out in backwards time, it's also practical for weary Con attendees sitting in halls, sleeping on hotel floors, etc.)

A Beatles Yellow Submarine Plush Toy

A Boba Fett with Hans Solo in Carbonite and a Transformers Metroplex from Hasbro

The Superman Movie Masters 2-pack

An 8-bit Jason from the old Friday the 13th video game

... and Bif Bang Pow! is coming out with a tiny 3-3/4" Dexter with not just one but six blood slides.

I've heard collectible rumors that I hope are true, but I'm going to wait until the companies officially come out with the news before posting. So far it's shaping up to be a good Con for collectors.

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