WonderCon badges on sale now

22 JANUARY 2013

In case you didn't get the email from CCI, WonderCon badges have gone on sale. Just like San Diego Comic Con, you have to register for a Member ID; unlike SDCC, there's no hurry.

If you are unfamiliar with WonderCon, it's happening March 29-31 at the Anaheim Convention Center. It's your typical comics convention, and mirrors many SDCC features - a portfolio review, a Masquerade, anime, TV and movie panels, and so on. You get the idea.

You can buy a badge here and read more about WonderCon here.

ETA: If you didn't get the email about WonderCon today, yet are certain you have a registered MemberID with CCI, you should check to see what email address you have on file with them. It might be the wrong one. This is definitely the time to get any email mistakes straightened out, before the all-important badge sale email is sent out.

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