Comic Con Press Pass Deadline is December 10

17 NOVEMBER 2012

Here's something a little different - the press pass application deadline is earlier this year. As in, it's actually this year and not sometime next spring.

The deadline is 10 December, and you must have a member ID. Requirements vary, and you can check here to see them all, but you must qualify for one of these six categories: print, online, freelance, broadcast, podcast/blog or production company. You will need to submit an application, cover sheet and verification materials.

Once upon a time, people tried to create fake movie review sites just to qualify as a blogger for a press pass. That's actually a lot of sustained effort for a Comic Con badge - and anyway, CCI is more discriminating these days. Or so I hear. Regardless, don't think this is something you can scam your way into. You do need valid credentials.

And just to be clear, a press pass does not allow you to jump lines or get into invite-only parties. You don't ascend to the top of the Comic Con social hierarchy because you're press. It just gives you entry to the same events a regular badge does.

You can apply here.

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