Bleeding Cool wants you to cover Comic Con

27 OCTOBER 2012

Bleeding Cool is looking for people to cover comic conventions. They've done this before, but now they're putting out the word far in advance and not just for San Diego Comic Con - any con or "similiar event" will be considered this time.

Here are the actual terms, in case you're interested:

If there’s a comic convention or similar event you want to go to, and you can get yourself travel and accommodation, we might be able to help with the rest in return for help covering the show. We’re quite picky in the people we choose, and a past history helps, but get in touch and we’ll see what we can work out.

I'm reading this as: you'll cover your plane tickets and hotel, and they'll spring for your badge and a food per diem. In other words, this is mostly an opportunity to get exposure and an SEO-friendly byline.

Contact Bleeding Cool if you think you've got the chops.

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