Two events: IFF schedule and Comic Creator Connection

13 JUNE 2012

The Independent Film Festival schedule is up. You can see it here.  Just like before, the films will be screened at the Marriott Marquis and Marina, right next door to the convention center.

The festival doesn't only show films; there's also a daily panel on film-making, and there's an open meet-and-greet on Thursday night and an awards ceremony on Sunday morning. The festival showcases a mix of genres, including horror, humor, animation, documentary, action/adventure and sci fi. If you've never checked it out before, consider catching a screening this summer - it is a nice reprieve from the noise and light of the Exhibit Hall, and you might see something you like.

In other event news, the Comic Creator Connection is back this year. It takes place on Thursday and Friday nights and offers writers and artists interested in finding collaborative partners the chance to meet. You must have a four-day badge or badge for that day, and you must register in advance at with "Comic Creator Connection" in the subject line.

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