CAM Sketch-A-Thon

20 JUNE 2012

San Francisco's Cartoon Art Museum is hosting its annual CAM Sketch-A-Thon at the Con. If you've never participated before, it's a great way to get some original art and contribute to a good cause. Stop by booth #1930 and fork over $10 (or more, if you're feeling generous) and you get a customized sketch from an artist.

And they are some talented artists; the roster includes professional animators, graphic novelists, political and web cartoonists, comic book illustrators, underground cartoonists and more. So far Charlie Adlard, Michael Aushenker, Elijah Brubaker, Carolyn Watson Dubisch, Mike Dubisch, Phil Foglio, Shaenon K. Garrity, Zack Giallongo, Sina Grace, Mike Gray, Klaus Janson, Keith Knight, Jon Macy, Larry Marder, Kraig Rasmussen, Denny Riccelli, Tom Richmond, Dave Roman, Scott Shaw, Seamus Smith, Raina Telgemeier, Jen Vaughn, Kimo Yancey and Ron Yavnieli have been announced, with more on the way.

If you're an artist interested in lending your talents to the cause, email Andrew Farago at

All funds go toward the museum.

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