Badge Resale is 31 May at 8:00 a.m. PST

29 MAY 2012

The badge resale starts Thursday morning, 31 May, at 8:00 a.m. PST.

Once again, you must already have a Member ID and cannot have a four-day or Saturday badge. You can only buy badges for two people.

The resale link is CCI advises, and I think it's wise, that you should verify your Member ID and last name ahead of time at . 

See specific rules and such here. Good luck.

ETA:  If you're interested in changing your hotel reservations, you might want to try to do that tonight and tomorrow before a new onslaught of badge-holders tries to book rooms. Downtown hotels are largely sold out but there are plenty of other hotels with vacancies - go on the site and look. You may find a more preferable hotel for one or more nights. Do this now because the first thing people are going to do Thursday after registering is grab a hotel room.


  1. Do the resales sell out fast, or around the same time as the first sale? I didn't get any the fast time and I am worried that I am not going to get the badges I want.

  2. They will sell out faster than you can say, "Damn you, Comic Con, foiled again." If you read their ever-growing caveat paragraph they've been including with every announcement, they're already warning of crashes, glitches, errors and general overcrowding. Remember, they know how many Member IDs are out there - we don't. But they know the exact ratio of Member IDs to badges and it's obvious from their apologetic tone that it's a whopper.

    All you can do is verify your name and Member ID, follow the link instructions, and have two computers on the job if you can. Good luck.

  3. You shouldn't post the link. Even though the resale is for people with member ID's only and it says so in your article, There is a possibility people without member Ids still trying to click to link. Clogging the system up.

  4. I understand your concern. I made the decision to post it because a) the link was already posted everywhere and b) I think anyone who reads this blog probably has a Member ID by now and c) I wanted it to be a quick reference for anyone who lost their email or couldn't access it in time.