Comic Con: Episode IV is out today

6 APRIL 2012

Today is the limited release of Morgan Spurlock's documentary on San Diego Comic Con. Reviews are mixed but it seems like the film's worst crime is being one-dimensional and unchallenging, while still a pleasant watch. In other words, the trailer is probably an accurate representation of the movie.

Comic Con: Episode IV - a Fan's Hope (am I the only one who hates this title?) follows a few people around the Con and examines what they get out of it. Cosplayers preen, Stan Lee struts, nerds sputter with excitement, and everyone stands in a really long line. Actually, I'm guessing that last part won't be included, beyond a few obligatory shots of the Hall H and badge pick-up lines. The film does examine the shift from comic books to Hollywood that so many of us have bemoaned, interviewing the owner of Mile High Comics (awesome must-see booth if you're new) and other dealers. But overall, my bet is that the film makes the Con look so fun and glamorous that it inspires another fifty thousand people to try to attend next year. Just what we all need.

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