Hotel Day issues

29 MARCH 2012

Another Hotel Day has come and gone. In a few days, we'll know how lucky we were - well, those of you who didn't penetrate the system until later already know what choices were left for you (the downtown hotels apparently disappeared from the listings after a while) and so already have an idea of your luck allotment.

Of course, troubles were had - servers were overloaded, delays were had, unwise refreshes were made, etc. Eventually the page shut down completely. As of now, it's inaccessible but a rumor is going around that reservations will open up again on 10 April at 9:00 am PST. I don't know where people are getting that from because it's not on the CCI site but I'm reporting it anyhow. Another bit of data - despite the slow loading pages, people seemed to have gotten in online far faster than they did on the phone.

That said, I had no problems and most of the people I contacted didn't either. Possibly we were just lucky.

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