Badges go on sale Saturday

1 MARCH 2012

Saturday, March 3, at 8:00 am precisely.

If you haven't gotten your email yet, it provides the link for Saturday - and then asks you not to post it online, because if it's leaked, "several thousand people" without Member IDs may try to jam the system. Oh, Comic Con. How adorably naive you are. Do they really think this link won't be leaked? They also asked not to share the time and date lest it be picked up by major media. It is already posted everywhere.

So there we have it. The email cautions that this does not apply to professional, press, exhibitor, volunteer, or program participant registration -- so take note if that's you.

And if you haven't gotten your email yet, don't worry. They are going out in batches, as they said. If you still don't have it by tomorrow afternoon, check any other email accounts they may have on file. All of my emails (including this one) are coming to a previous email address, not my main one that is actually in my Member ID profile. Who knows why.

See you Saturday. :)

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