Hotel Day is March 29


Yes, we finally have a solid date to circle on our calendars but it isn't for Registration Day. No, this is for that other exercise in anguish, Hotel Day. Hotel reservations will go live at 9:00 a.m. PST on March 29.

What we can safely deduce from this: Registration Day will occur in March (or on Leap Day), probably in the first two weeks. I say this because you have until 28 February to sign up for your Member ID, and it will definitely happen after that deadline, yet before Hotel Day. So there you have it, a rough time frame for online badge sales.

It's odd that CCI won't just come out and announce the actual date already, which leads me to wonder if they're going to announce it at the last second. That would definitely stagger the demand on their servers (or rather, Ticket Leap's or whoever they're using this year.) But it would also unleash howls of protest from everyone who didn't see the announcement email fast enough. Possibly CCI is waiting to see how many Member IDs are assigned before they pick the date. They could even be implementing a new system with multiple dates and limited badge sales on each one. Really anything is possible after the disasters of 2011.

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