Sunday updates

25 JULY 2011

It's finally over. Now we can all relax for a few months until the season of online registration begins. 

First off, the Eisner winners were announced Saturday night.

The Supernatural panel had the Winchester boys back (they were absent last year) and several tantalizing spoilers: Jo will be back, Jensen Ackles will direct another episode, but the most interesting was that Castiel is not the villain of next season and that the villain will be someone unexpected.

Oh look, Beavis and Butthead are back. It's kind of a jolt to see them in HD, and to see a character drawn with emo hair.

This was announced several days ago but I missed it: The Witch Doctor team has a new series coming out next year. Also, IDW is putting out The Crow.

Dr. Who inspired a lot of cosplay and showed a few upcoming clips at the panel.

The Sons of Anarchy panel gave away some spoilers.

So overall, who won the buzz awards? I don't think that can really be assessed until a few days have shaken out - right now the formal Con press is still reporting on everything. And there's a world of difference both in honesty and marketing predictions between what journalists say and attendees think. Once the fans get home and share their recommendations online, we'll have a better idea of what panels got people excited and which panels failed.

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