Sunday Programming is up

10 JULY 2011

Sunday traditionally features a lot of panels and workshops for kids; this year has everything from a children's film festival to Disney and Nickelodean panels, teen comic discussions and YA fiction panels. Tom and Jerry and The Wizard of Oz is screened. (That's one movie, just to be clear.)

There are Jewish and Christian comic panels, and several more DC New 52 panels. There's also a Watchmen panel - no Alan Moore but you do get Dave Gibbons.

The Comic Con Independent Film Festival Awards are held.

Scott Westerfield, Jordi Bernet, Joelle Jones, Jeff Lemire, and Jim Lee all have panels. Max Brooks is at 2:00 and will probably be packed. George R.R. Martin will dispense his wisdom in a sci-fi prose panel.

Hall H has Glee, then Supernatural, then Dr. Who, then Sons of Anarchy, then Buffy the Musicial. Those are disparate audiences, but it's a safe bet that Dr. Who fans will be en force and early on so fans of all shows should get there early.

The Masquerade is replayed from 2:00 - 5:00 in room 8 if you missed it Saturday night.

And that's about it... no night events or panels on Sunday. The Con is over and everyone goes back to the real word, albeit with more credit card debt.

Read the entire listing here.

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