Pre-registration for 2012

15 JULY 2011

You knew that all of this year's registration snafus would spook CCI into changing the process, and sure enough, they have. 2012 Pre-registration has changed.

Location: it's no longer upstairs at the convention center. It's now in the Manchester Grand Hyatt.

Timing: Destroying the plans of every Preview Night badge-holding person, including myself, it doesn't begin until Thursday morning at 8:00 am. It will be open Thursday - Sunday from 8:00 am - 11:00.

Number of badges available: Limited. Clearly CCI is trying to avoid creating an effect where future attendance is limited to we 2011 attendees. So there will only be a percentage of badges available and unlike last year, where Preview Night sold out in advance for the first time ever, they may hold back some Preview Night badges.

Here's the pricing:

4-day with Preview Night — $175
4 day without Preview Night — $150

4 day Junior ((ages 12–17) and Senior (60 and older) and military badges with previews night — $87; without Preview Night — $75

1-day pass — $40

1 day pass for juniors, seniors and military — $20

Sunday only — $23

Sunday only juniors, seniors and military — $11

Also of interest: 2012 is happening from July 12-15. This is a week earlier than usual and while I can't see any negative repercussions from this, it's inexplicably unsettling.

I really can't guess how panicked pre-reg is going to be this year. It never has been in the past; last year I thought it would be, but the pre-reg worker I spoke to said it never went beyond a steady trickle. Will there be a colossal line outside the Hyatt Thursday morning? I just don't know. That depends on whether they'll let people without badges but with their confirmation letters pre-reg (i.e., will a person with a Saturday badge still be able to pre-reg on Thursday) and whether paying $175 up front will be a hardship for many people.

It's another good reason to pick up your 4-day/Thursday badge on Wednesday night at the Town and Country, though.

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