Offsite events and parties

18 JULY 2011

Not a complete list by any means. Add any others you know about in the comments.


Samurais and Schoolgirls Party
The Black Ball
Heroes Meet-up
Gam3rcon Rooftop Party - Thursday/Friday
Boom Studios Annual Drink-Up at Hilton Bayfront's Odysea Bar
Cirque de Soleil at Petco Park
XSPELL Comic Con Fetish Party

Comic Con Slasher's Dinner
Geek Girls Network Geek-Out
NCSoft Meet and Greet
Roddenberry Comic Con Dive and Comic Con Mixer
Marked Men Party III
Kevin Smith Live SMODCAT at House of Blues
Gam3rcon Rooftop Party - Thursday/Friday
Dr. Who Fan Meet-up

Zombie Walk
SyFy and E! Party at Solamar (Not open to public)
TechKaraoke Party 
Ghost World 10th Anniversary Screening
Time Machine Steampunk Party
DJhere Presents The Body Poets
USA Network Fan Meet-up
X-Sanguin X Party
Super Hero Pub Crawl
DC Original Characters Protest March

FLUXX's Industry Night Party with Surprise Celebrity Guests


Casbah: Assorted Bands 
Comic Con Happy Hours
San Diego Haunted Hotel
Marvel Monstergeddon


  1. Come check out your favorite Marvel Universe characters as you've never seen them before, 10,000 pound Monster Trucks! Come to San Diego's Culy Warehouse (335 6th Avenue) and experience the excitement for free. With special appearances by Stan Lee and John Romita Jr. you wont want to miss this event starting July 20 (beginning at 6:30 pm) and July 21-24 (9 am to 9pm). Check out for all the details!

  2. Thanks. I added it to the list.