10 ways to get in a Comic Con spirit

6 JULY 2011

1. Watch Talking With Gods, the documentary about Grant Morrison. Even if you're not a fan of his work, this is a creative and frank documentary that's a step above your standard artist bio.

2. Go on Youtube and look up old SDCC panels for your favorite shows and movies. This may actually remind you of how dull some panels can be, and inspire you to be more judicious with your selections. You're welcome.

3. Go through your comic collection. Make a list of every back issue you need to add or replace. Go through your trades and see what you loaned out and never got back. Look at the titles you started to collect but gave up on.

4. See Comic Books Unbound, which looks at the way Hollywood has turned comic books into movies.

5. Because Breaking Dawn is featured this year - though allegedly there have been scheduling moves to avoid hijacking Hall H - watch this video of Twilight moms to get an idea of the kind of fan devotion you're up against.

6. See Will Eisner: Portrait of a Sequential Artist, which goes beyond his life story to cover his vast influence on the industry.

7. Go through the DC and Marvel encyclopedias and remember all those storylines and characters you need back issues for.

8. Organize your action figures and figure out what they're worth, then sell a few for money to buy Con exclusives.

9. Watch this compilation of Ray Harryhausen's claymation monsters, set to Tito Puente.

10. Look at your old Con pictures and get in touch with people you've lost touch with to see if they're going this year.


  1. Seeing Twihards is supposed to put me in the mood for Comic Con?!

  2. A1 - Thank you.

    A2 - No, it's supposed to prepare newcomers for battle.