1500 Comic Con passes for sale

22 JUNE 2011

Yes, you read that right. CCI says it has roughly 1500 4-day passes that will shortly go on sale. You can purchase a maximum of two. At some point, they will have single day passes available as well.

When these 1500 badges go on sale: No idea. But as I've previously speculated, they will not announce it in advance - only an hour's notice will be given via Facebook, Twitter and the CCI site. Practically speaking, that means you shouldn't depend on this blog or any other to find out in advance. Subscribe to their Twitter and be vigilant.

Also announced, a mildly interesting change in pricing that really isn't going to be a game-changer for anyone. Apparently "some people" feel it's unfair that some attendees who aren't actually attending all four days have 4-day badges, while other people who are attending all four days have been forced to buy four single day badges at a higher price. Did you follow that? Someone somewhere is being cheated out of thirty bucks.

As a result: CCI is no longer offering the "discount" for 4-day badges. I have to say, I've never thought of there being a discount, but apparently we've all been getting one all these years. No longer. Going forward, the 4-day badge will cost the same as four 1-day badges. That's a grand total of $137. Juniors, Seniors and Military 4-day badges will be $68. The rationale behind this is not to make money, but to encourage some of us to only buy, say, three 1-day passes and thereby make a 1-day pass available to someone who could not otherwise attend. When all is said and done, the badges are still ridiculously inexpensive for everything they include.

So - 1500 badges hang tantalizingly in the air. Subscribe to Twitter now, regardless of how you feel about it, and be ready.

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