Reminder: Hotel Cancellation Deadline

5 MAY 2011

If you need to cancel one of your Travel Planner-booked rooms, the deadline is Tuesday, May 10.

Between May 11-June 8, you can still cancel but a $100 fee will be deducted from your deposit; after June 8, you're stuck and the one-night deposit you've paid will never be refunded. Note that this all applies only to that one-night deposit. If you decide in early July to cancel your final night and leave a day early, you can do so with impunity. However, don't cut it too close because the hotels have different cancellation policies.

And please remember to cancel any rooms you booked on your own, if you no longer need them. Keep the cancellation numbers and paperwork handy, too. Last year right before I left for the Con, I discovered the Hyatt had billed me for a Tuesday night no-show, despite my having cancelled the room. I had to argue it out with them and prevailed only because I had the cancellation number. So don't assume hotel systems are infallible.

Now: what this means is that some hotel rooms will be opening up. If you're still looking for a better room, go into the system every day for the next week and check for your target hotel. I really don't expect many people to be dropping out at this point but you never know.

And finally, if you've never been to the Con before, this is the time when more detailed announcements start rolling in about special guests, items, parties and panels. So stay tuned.

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