Phoenix Comic Con

23 MAY 2011

If you live anywhere near Arizona and you need some early Con love, Phoenix Comic Con is this weekend. It's grown a lot in its decade of existence; from a couple of hundred people the first year, it's expected to draw almost twenty thousand attendees this year.

This could be because there isn't much to do in Phoenix, since the crowd here isn't as nerd-heavy as other Cons. (Then again, Phoenix isn't as nerd-heavy as other cities.) The celebrities in attendance include Elvira, Spock, Stan Lee and Pam from True Blood, and there are panels on random topics from ghost hunting to global climate change. It's all very, well, Arizona. The main draw seems to be the many events:  a Geek Prom, Zombie Beauty Pageant, Rocky Horror Show, Steampunk Ball, Karaoke Idol, Anime-themed raves and multiple bands.There are also several film festivals, including horror, sci fi, hentai and comedy.

It's also a good networking opportunity for many industries, since you're more likely to get face time here than at San Diego; I know a few people who got their first art/writing jobs by talking to the right people here. It's also cheap ($35 for all four days, kids 12 and under are free) so if you're free, come on down.

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