Phoenix Comic Con is open

27 MAY 2011

Dear nerds of the Southwest: Phoenix Comic Con is open. Grab your light saber and come on down. There is plenty to do, but in the spirit of complete honesty, this is not a smaller version (20K people) of SDCC. There aren't many actual celebrities and beyond a few booths selling back issues and trades, the Exhibit Hall tends to be mostly small artists and t-shirt/magnet booths. You know what I mean. Or if you don't, because this is your first Con and you think this is a microcosm of the real thing, it isn't and you should know that San Diego really is the epic spectacle you've heard. I'm not saying that to convey my PCC disdain - I live in Phoenix - but to simply align expectations. I'd hate for someone to go to this and decide Cons are overrated.

What Phoenix Comic Con has to offer are two things: networking and parties. By parties, I mean Geek Prom, Steampunk Ball, anime raves and events of that ilk. If you're local and into that kind of thing, you're probably here this weekend. But the very smallness of the event, and the lack of pretension that is one of Phoenix's nicest selling points, also makes it a real opportunity to meet people in a variety of fields. Not in the fast banal pleasantries way one does in SDCC, but in a making real connections way. One of the common complaints about SDCC is that surrounded by people as you are, it's somehow impossible to actually meet anyone there. That's quite the opposite at Phoenix Comic Con.
Phoenix Comic Con Saves Memorial Day Weekend

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