Doomsday is here

9 MARCH 2011

And so far it's not bad. At first, like many others I'm sure, I got the message that it hadn't opened yet even though the CCI page said it had. I was working with two laptops and two phones but got right in after 3 bad pages. The process was quick and fairly painless, and when I tried to get back in again - just to see if my easy access was a fluke - I did.  Knowing how many people were flooding the site at that moment, I'm pleased there haven't been any crashes. Looks like this part of Hotel Day is going smoothly enough.

Of course, it won't be for a few days that we all find out how successful we were. I decided to only request my top ten hotels (faster and I have a safety room booked anyway) and am genuinely curious what I'll get. It's easy enough to feel confident that I logged out of the system at 9:02 but that could still put me behind tens of thousands of people.

How long did it take you to get in, and did you use the phone line or site? What was the time you finished? How many nights did you request? I'm curious to see if pretty much everyone got in right away, as I suspect, because that essentially turns this into a lottery. I'm also curious if people looking for just one or two nights will get an edge over the 4-day pass people. The next week will reveal all.

ETA: The sun is setting and all the rooms are gone. Housing is closed and will reopen at 22 March at 9:00 a.m. PST; until then we can all mull over the hands the CCI gods have dealt us and plot our next move. But it must be said that this was the most painless Hotel Day ever, even if many of us will scoff at our hotel assignments when we get them. But at least the system functioned and it's sounding like everyone got in.


  1. I got in right away online, no trouble. I booked for four people, so what do you recommend for room type for that? I wanted to choose the one least likely to be popular but in the end went with two doubles. I already got my confirmation and read that over half the hotels are already filled to capacity.

  2. I got my confirmation early this afternoon too.

    Room type for four people - I really don't know. This is where the new system is annoying, because under the old system, you could see the rates and availability for each kind of room. And if you were traveling in a group, splitting the different in a deluxe room, which didn't get snapped up as fast, wasn't a big deal. But now you don't really know which rooms they have the most of, so I'm going to say you made the right choice.

    Please let me know what you end up with when you find out with.

  3. Has anyone gotten there hotel yet? I still don't have an email :(

  4. I haven't gotten mine, but other people have gotten theirs. Rumor has it there's a problem (shocking) with the system so it might not hurt to call Travel Planners tomorrow at 877-552-6642 and check. Even though CCI says we'll all know by Tuesday.