Ticket Fee Refund

25 February 2011

In the debaucle that was TicketLeap's registration process, some people wound up paying duplicate ticketing fees. If this is you, and you feel strongly about getting your $2 per-ticket fee back, you have through Monday, 28 February to request a refund by emailing comicconsupport@ticketleap.com.

Now let's talk about what really matters: how many passes will be available once all the duplicates are sorted out. I've tried and failed to get a solid estimate here (if you have one, please email me) but current rumors hold that there may be a good amount. Don't get excited yet, but do keep watch. So far CCI is still saying "sold out" to everything but there could be a better than usual number of refunded passes up for grabs.


  1. Will the refund passes go through Comic Con site or ebay?

  2. Probably both - but given the changes of the past year, it's hard to predict. Last summer they sold packages of a hotel room AND 4 day pass, and I wouldn't be surprised if they repeat that this summer.

    Really you should follow them on Twitter to hear their announcements in real time. Don't just rely on checking CCI's site. And of course, I'll announce here whatever I find out.